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Our successes

Ball Paint

20+ Millions downloads

Immerse yourself in the engaging arcade world of Ball Paint.
Your mission: to meticulously color various geometric shapes with a single hue by strategically throwing colored balls at them. The game combines precise physics with a visually satisfying aesthetic to provide a meditative yet challenging experience.

Lucky Looter

19+ Millions downloads

Engage in a 3D arcade adventure that awakes the inner thief in you. Set in richly colored environments, each level challenges you to be quick, stealthy, and clever as you snag a bounty of loot while evading the vigilant patrols.

Hero vs Criminal

5+ Millions downloads

Dive into a realm where justice speeds through the fast lanes!
This game casts you as a dauntless hero, racing against time and traffic to apprehend menacing criminals on the sprawling highway.


RadPirates is a two-people dev studio based in Annecy, France. We're self-educated, prototype-driven, and perpetually learning. We create mobile games, from shoot'em up to dating simulators!